Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your puppies come from?

Our puppies come from professional and USDA licensed breeders that do not have any direct violations within the last 2 years. A direct violation is one that affects the health/welfare of a dog or puppy. We watch their USDA inspection reports very closely to make sure no one slips through the cracks. Occasionally we can use a professional hobby breeder depending on their breeding program. Things we look for are exercise plans, socialization as well as health and temperament of parents.

Do the puppies receive medical attention?

Yes! All puppies have been checked by a veterinarian a minimum of 2 times; once at the breeder and once when they arrive in store.

What is Giardia and/or Coccidia?

Giardia and Coccidiossis are common puppy parasites. Coccidia parasites are always present in adult dog’s intestines, and puppies are introduced to coccidida through their mothers. Giardia lives in wet areas and is transmitted from drinking contaminated water, mutual grooming, or from mom.  Continuing the deworming schedule that the breeder and our store started will help get rid of these parasites.  We don’t cover the continued deworming because it’s considered common puppy maintenance. No matter where you purchase your puppy from you’ll be required to continue the deworming process. 

How are the puppies transported?

Our puppies are transported in a special van that has unique ventilation, temperature control systems, clean food and water, a safe kennel system, and 2 trained animal care experts.

Do all of our puppies find homes?

Yes, they do! Most puppies find homes within a few days. Others take a little longer, but we reduce their price to ensure they find a home as quickly as possible!

Will my puppy be registered? What does that mean?

All puppies will be registered AKC companion, but most will come with paperwork to fully register them with a kennel club. Some examples of registries are AKC, ACA, ACHC, and ASDR. There are many more!

Should I spay/neuter my puppy?

At Puppyland we do encourage you to spay/neuter your puppy. Speak with your vet about when the best time to fix your puppy is. If you bring in a proof of spay/neuter from your vet we will give you a free bag of food!

What is the difference between congenital and hereditary?

  • Congenital conditions develop not from genetics, but influences which occur while the puppy was still in-utero. These could be environmental factors, health/condition of the mother, or some other unknown factor.

  • Hereditary condition is one that is genetically predetermined.